Ultimate in comfort and appearance – New Products

While not a new product on the market, the universal fit chrome spoon throttle pedal by Pete & Jakes is a high quality product which may solve a range of issues you’re facing with a project or existing vehicle. First up and most important for driving comfort is the photo which shows the pedal pad positioning of the P&J pedal opposed to an “other” common pedal.

Notice the angle which enables your foot to lay on the pedal in comfort opposed to putting your ankle at a severe angle which would cause pain or cramp. GMS Hot Rods are an authorised Pete & Jakes dealer and recently retro fitted a P&J spoon throttle pedal into a traditional ’36 Ford to correct the owner’s foot positioning as described above.

The high quality piece is chrome finished and features a splined shaft in a bronze bush for absolute adjustment for left or right hand drive to suit cable or mechanical rod linkages. Not only does it look great but the P&J spoon throttle pedal performs great as well, there’s one in the GMS ’32 Ford roadster having just exceeded 30,000 miles.

In stock now at GMS Hot Rods, phone 021 955 459 or email gregstokes1932@gmail.com or visit GMS Hot Rods on Facebook.