Lockdown Garage Project – GMS 32 3w

New from GMS Hot Rods for returning hot rodder, Martin Urban, a lot of work was carried out during the Covid 19 Level 4 & Level 3 lockdowns. It’s been great to get the final few things finished off for Martin’s 32 3w coupe.

Started with a GMS built chassis using Pete & Jakes/Superbell components we mounted the Deuce Customs body (from Rods By Reid). Finished up the toe board, steering, gearbox cover, pedal box. A few more parts arriving in our next shipment from the USA and then it’s over to Martin to finish off.

Affordable chrome – Industry News

As an authorised dealer for Pete & Jakes & Superbell, GMS Hot Rods is proud to announce the affordable availability of chrome plated suspension parts as pictured in this 1932 Ford coupe under construction. “Chrome plating has always been an expensive process here in New Zealand but Pete & Jakes have the solution which saves the end user time and money”, says Greg Stokes of GMS Hot Rods.

Additionally the critical components which are required to be forged parts from LVVTA can also be chromed, so it means you have something which is affordable and legal.

For further information please contact GMS Hot Rods on 021 955 459 or gregstokes1932@gmail.com or on Facebook. 

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