Industry News – GMS Pedal options

GMS Hot Rods has you covered for brake and clutch pedal set ups for early Fords and hot rods using the very best components from Pete & Jakes Hot Rod Parts which GMS are an authorised dealer for.

“We offer right or left hand drive configurations for original style chassis’ or those with tubular crossmembers”, says Greg Stokes of GMS Hot Rods.

Theres always just pedals in stock or all the components to tailor make a set up to suit your application.

Please contact 021 955 459 or email or visit the Facebook page or 

Industry News – GMS – Brookville bodies IN STOCK

Brookville Roadster bodies IN STOCK at GMS Hot RodsThinking of starting a new project? GMS Hot Rods has Brookville Roadster bodies IN STOCK now. No wait times – you can buy and start your own project today using the best quality steel reproduction bodies from Brookville Roadster. Y

ou may like to talk to GMS Hot Rods about building the project for you? Also in stock are firewalls, grille shells and inserts, gas tanks and chassis rails. “You can buy the bare body or package it together with parts to get a good start on the project you have always wanted”, says Greg at GMS Hot Rods.

Contact 021 955 459 or email or visit the Facebook page or

Industry News – More than just 32’s

It’s more than just 1932 Fords at GMS Hot Rods with this long term ’59 Corvette project getting closer to panel and paint. The project was originally started by the late Pete Dore 25 years ago and features an early LS engine, later Corvette suspension and 18″ Evod wheels to emulate an early Vette hub cap. 

“There’s more to us than ’32’s, and this is one of a few “late models” in the works at GMS at the moment”, says Greg Stokes.

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Industry News – lower your Model A

With the resurgence of interest in original style Model A Fords as a more economical way to go hot rodding, GMS Hot Rods recently gave Christina Allen’s Model A Tudor some stance adjustment. The point of difference here is that the original rod brakes were retained with the use of a 4″ drop forged Superbell I-beam axle.

Custom brackets were designed and fabricated to hold the brake actuator on the perch bolt. The front spring has reversed eyes and been flattened while out back is a Model T rear spring and tube shocks feature all round.

For more information contact GMS Hot Rods 021 955 459 or email or visit or visit the GMS Facebook page

SO-CAL dealer – Industry News

In addition to being a Pete & Jakes dealer among other brands, GMS Hot Rods recently became an authorised dealer for SO-CAL Speed Shop. “This is a good fit for the Pete & Jakes line, and having SO-CAL parts & merchandise available fills a few gaps to fulfil every hot rodders requirements”, says Greg Stokes of GMS Hot Rods. 

Whether you are looking for parts, a rolling chassis or a turn key built car, contact GMS Rods for all your SO-CAL Speed Shop needs.Phone 021 955 459 or email or visit or view the GMS Facebook page.

From chassis to turn-key – Industry News

GMS Hot Rods proudly offer chassis work to any stage through to rolling chassis/body packages to turn-key builds as shown with this under construction 1932 Ford 5-window coupe. “Chassis’ can be built to any stage to meet budget or style requirements with an emphasis on stance and style”, says Greg Stokes of GMS Hot Rods. “Using proven Pete & Jakes componentry, it’s a given that the car will perform and handle like it should”. 

Rolling chassis & body packages are also available using and again GMS can work within or budget or style requirements. As an authorised Brookville Roadster dealer, options are available for Model A or 1932 Ford reproduction steel bodies and panels. Or if you wish to go with a fibreglass option, GMS Hot Rods work with Rods by Reid who are the NZ dealer for Deuce Customs in Australia. “The Deuce Customs bodies are very well finished, meet all LVVTA requirements and need very minimal preparation for paint”, says Greg.

Or like the 5-window pictured, GMS Hot Rods can bring your concept through to reality using quality dependable parts, realistic pricing with no hidden costs. “This is a fun hobby and it’s gotta be a great experience building peoples cars of their dreams”, says Greg.

If you have a stalled project or thinking of a new one, please do not hesitate to contact GMS Hot Rods 021 955 459 or or find them on Facebook.

Lockdown Garage Project – GMS 32 3w

New from GMS Hot Rods for returning hot rodder, Martin Urban, a lot of work was carried out during the Covid 19 Level 4 & Level 3 lockdowns. It’s been great to get the final few things finished off for Martin’s 32 3w coupe.

Started with a GMS built chassis using Pete & Jakes/Superbell components we mounted the Deuce Customs body (from Rods By Reid). Finished up the toe board, steering, gearbox cover, pedal box. A few more parts arriving in our next shipment from the USA and then it’s over to Martin to finish off.

Affordable chrome – Industry News

As an authorised dealer for Pete & Jakes & Superbell, GMS Hot Rods is proud to announce the affordable availability of chrome plated suspension parts as pictured in this 1932 Ford coupe under construction. “Chrome plating has always been an expensive process here in New Zealand but Pete & Jakes have the solution which saves the end user time and money”, says Greg Stokes of GMS Hot Rods.

Additionally the critical components which are required to be forged parts from LVVTA can also be chromed, so it means you have something which is affordable and legal.

For further information please contact GMS Hot Rods on 021 955 459 or or on Facebook. 

Sid Chavers rear window options – New Product

Rear window options!

As an authorised dealer for Sid Chavers “Bop Top” removeable tops for Model A and 1932 Ford, GMS Hot Rods are proud to offer a new range of rear window sizes. These options suit a variety of convertible tops and are also available in the “Cool Slot” option.

The CNC machined, billet steel frames are chrome plated and come in the following sizes; 4″x20″, 7″x21″, 5 1/2″x24″ and 9″x26″. The “Cool Slot option is available in 4″x20”, 7″x24 and 9″x26.

Please contact GMS Hot Rods on 021 955 459 or email or visit the GMS Hot Rods Facebook page.

32 3w build at GMS – Industry News

Triple deuces at GMS Hot Rods

In addition to the personal Brookville roadster and another client’s Deuce Customs bodied 5w coupe, GMS Hot Rods also has another ’32 Ford underway for another client. The Deuce Customs three window coupe body came from Rods by Reid and underneath it is a complete GMS Hot Rods chassis starting with American Stamping Rails and Flatout Engineering boxing plates.

Once in the inhouse chassis jig, GMS then fitted in a flattened Model A style front crossmember and a Pete & Jakes tubular centre section to accept the SB Ford engine and Tremec five speed. Front suspension is a fully chromed and polished Superbell/Pete & Jakes unit with a Johns Industries Ford 9″ rear on triangulated four bars.

The theme for this car is a sixties/seventies hiboy hence the Halibrand and ET style wheels. Once the steering is hooked up and the Pete & Jakes pedal box fitted, the car then goes home to its owner as a roller for completion. As an authorised New Zealand dealer for Pete & Jakes Hot Rod Parts, GMS Hot Rods has used a lot of their quality and proven components in this car to good result.

For more information please call 021 955 459 or email or visit GMS Hot Rods on Facebook. 

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