She’s real great, my 348!

While the Beach Boys sang about a real fine 409, it’s a 348 Chev W motor which is being squeezed into this Brookville bodied 1932 Ford roadster at GMS Hot Rods. The interesting project will also run full fenders but with the typical hiboy wheel and tyre combination you see here. “We built the chassis inhouse on the GMS chassis jig for this one as we had to get the car very low in the front with a flat cross member and discretely step the rear of the chassis for a 12.5″ tyre to fit under the rear fender”, says Greg of GMS Hot Rods.

Up front is a Superbell 5″ dropped axle on Pete & Jakes four bars, the centre cross member is also Pete & Jakes as is the narrowed Ford 9″ rear on ladder bars. As a Superbell/Pete & Jakes dealer, GMS Hot Rods is utilising as many of their parts into this build as possible. As you read this the car will already have been displayed at the CRC Speedshow mid July in its unfinished and non fendered form.

For more information please contact GMS Hot Rods on 021 955 459 or or find them on Facebook.

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