Certification simplified at GMS Hot Rods.

There’s no question that unfortunately the certification process can be daunting to some. However, GMS Hot Rods ave always been firm believers of it all and have a good understanding of the process. “The LVVTA certification process is a good thing for the New Zealand hobby, unfortunately sometimes people have a hard time understanding how or why we need it and that’s where the problems start”, says Greg Stokes of GMS Hot Rods. “We offer a service which gets the owner, builder/fabricator and the certifier around the table at the start of a project or modification to get us all on the same page”.

By taking this approach, the owner can properly understand why such things are required and the builder/fabricator can work with the owner and certifier to provide a solution to the problem. “It’s all about problem solving in a clear and concise manner by dealing with whats infront of us all rather than rumor, speculation or assumption”, says Greg. GMS Hot Rods primarily use Mark Stokes and Clint Field of M.S. Vehicle Certification but has and will work in with other certifiers as well.

For further information please contact Greg Stokes of GMS Hot Rods on 021 955 459 or email gregstokes1932@gmail.com or find GMS Hot Rods on Facebook. 

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