A trad fad T

Here is the latest to leave the doors of GMS Hot Rods. This T-bucket came to GMS Hot Rods a while back as a half started project which lacked stance or style. The owner’s consulted with Greg at GMS Hot Rods who offered a suggestion of following the stance and theme of USA based buckets of the late sixties.

With that plan in motion 12″ was cut off the front of the chassis, the body was moved around to suit the placement of the 16×10 ET wheels. “Once the look was mocked up it was a case of filling the gaps”, says Greg. C

hassis work consisted of repositioning the engine and front suspension, redoing the centre crossmembers to carefully use all the limited space a small T-bucket has to offer and steel the body out for seatbelts and seating position and so on. A fun project at GMS Hot Rods, early in the New Year it went home to its owner for full completion. 

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