Suspension tune-up or installation – So you’ve got a hot rod which steers poorly or hits a bump throwing the car in another direction? Or perhaps it rides hard and you simply don’t enjoy driving it anymore? A common myth or “excuse” for a poor handling hot rod is exactly that. How many times have you heard “it rides like an old car should” or “it’s traditional so it rides like they did in the day”? Well, old hot rods irrespective of their styling cues or component choices SHOULD ride GREAT! “Too often do I see a car with mostly all the right components but mostly they are put together with out the basic understanding of geometry and common engineering principles”, says Greg Stokes of GMS Hot Rods. “It’s common place to see hot rod suspension put together in a way which the spring is in a bind, or perhaps there’s not enough castor or the suspension points are at incorrect angles. Usually its a bunch of little things which attribute to poor handling characteristics”.

Whether its a dropped I-beam on radius rods or hair pins or a dropped tube on four bars, these cars should ALL ride and steer correctly resulting in an enjoyable driving experience. Also, we mustn’t forget the independent suspension options which GMS Hot Rods only recommend the LVVTA type approved New Zealand made independent suspension of John Reid at Rods by Reid.

So whether its a beam axle or independent suspension application which is either in need of work or an all new installation, contact GMS Hot Rods on 021 955 459 or or on Facebook – GMS Hot Rods

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