GMS Hot Rods are proud to announce they are the NZ dealer for Sid Chavers “Bop Top”. The BopTop™ is a lightweight Convertible Top available for the 1928-29 and 1932 Ford Roadsters that can be removed, broken down, and stored in the trunk of the car while using very little space. There are many models of the BopTop™ available; these include versions for Stock Windshields with 2″ and 3″ Chops, DuVall style frames, SoCal style frames, and also Dan Fink style frames.

All versions of the BopTop™ use STOCK body mount locations; this means there are NO MODIFICATIONS required to the body. The specially designed frame does not contact the body at any point other than the mounts, assuring the owner there will be no contact that could damage the paint. The BopTop™ styling evokes memories of the classic “Speedster” top updated with a modern feel that successfully compliments any look from Retro to Contemporary.

The Powder Coated Steel Frame is covered with Haartz Stayfast material that is extremely durable, holds its shape, and will not fade. Each BopTop™ is shipped with a HotSlot rear window already installed. (Shown here with the optional cool slot). The BopTop™ is available in the following colors; Black, Tan, Medium Gray, Charcoal, Dark Blue, Burgundy, Dark Brown, Light Beige, Logo Red, Sunflower Yellow, Plum, Pacific Blue, Persian Green, Bone and Concord Grape.

When installed, the BopTop™ provides protection from the elements, but when you do not need or want a top in place, it is easily removed, broken down and stored in the Custom Soft-sided Cases that are included. Removal may not be as often as you think for the lines of the BopTop™ are so elegant and timeless you may decide the car looks better with the top installed! Also available are optional side curtains to shelter you from the typical New Zealand rain. 

If you want something special for your favorite car, there’s only one BopTop™. Available from GMS Hot Rods – call 021 955 459 or email or find GMS Hot Rods on Facebook. 

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