GMS Hot Rods are proud to be an authorised dealer for Pete & Jake’s Hot Rod Parts, an internationally recognised brand since 1974. “To use and retail Pete & Jake’s hot rod parts and related products is very fitting for GMS Hot Rods”, says Greg Stokes. “We believe in reliable, dependable, and good riding hot rods built to be driven and Pete & Jakes quality parts, components and chassis’ have been proven on the road for 40 plus years”. In fact the GMS Hot Rods 1932 Ford roadster recently reached 30,000 miles with Pete & Jakes products in the suspension and also the quality splined shaft spoon throttle pedal.

Founded by the late Pete Chapouris and Jim “Jake” Jacobs in California, USA, Pete and Jakes Hot Rod Parts has been in Missouri since 1987 under the ownership of the Slover family. Pete & Jakes continues to stand at the fore front of the hot rod industry with a reputation for quality and innovation, leading the way and setting new standards. Catering to the Model A thru to 1948 Ford and some early Chevy, Pete & Jakes Hot Rod Parts provide the best bang for buck in terms of quality parts which work best for your hard earned dollar. “When it comes to building quality traditional themed hot rods, we stand by the use of quality Pete & Jakes products for their design and early style simplicity”, says Greg.

Having known the late Pete Chapouris and Jim “Jake” Jacobs personally, Greg has learnt more about the formation of Pete & Jakes, the California Kid and other neat aspects to the design and manufacture of these quality hot rod parts. Talk to GMS Hot Rods today to see how these functional and beautiful hot rod parts with certified hot rod history can enhance your current car or be the beginnings of your next project.